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Our team of midwives strives to enhance and improve the health of the women we serve by focusing on the normalcy of pregnancy and empowering women to make the best decisions about their health care options based on her individual needs. We have extensive training and significant experience with pregnancy, labor and delivery and comprehensive well-woman care.

Please use our midwifery library to learn more. And if you have questions, or when you are ready to schedule an appointment, please contact us.


Patient Resources (Commonly asked questions):

Calcium Intake

Eye Ointment

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy

Genetic Testing

Vitamin K

Chemical Exposures During Pregnancy




During the process of labor, midwives look after the mother and baby's health and provide individualized emotional and physical support in a warm and positive environment. The midwife will support the mother’s wishes and birth plan throughout labor and delivery within the realm of safety.

Midwives are experts in normal childbearing with a focus on promoting the natural progression of labor and delivery. They positively guide mothers through childbirth to help women achieve their goals for delivery and the most positive, natural pregnancy possible.