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Gunnar, Grace and I are so grateful for your support these last nine months-especially during her birth. You are an incredible midwife/doula/friend. Thank you for being there, lending your laid-back and wise energy to what was likely one of the more (most) intense events of our lives. And here we are -- on the other side: happy, healthy and just loving on this little miracle. Please know that you make a huge difference in people lives, and do so w/the grace, kindness and patience. I hope to emulate as a new mother. So thank you not only for your "work but just being you.

Please extend our thanks to your wonderful staff.

With so much love and gratitude.............................

If you had asked me this time last year what my plan for pregnancy was, I would have told you in some far off country where drugs and C-sections aren't an option. When my husband and I became pregnant, that country was not really a realistic plan. I decided to find an alternative to the hospital. Don't get me wrong, hospitals are great for emergency purposes, but this pregnancy wasn't close to that. I was so excited to find you wonderful ladies and loved the idea of what you do. Small, one on one, exactly the sort of attention I was looking for. We were skeptical of our tentative choice so I found evidence of births all around the world. Documentary after documentary, website after website, and finally, finding people who have used a center or did a homebirth were who I wanted to talk to. We grew to be more and more fond of having a birth somewhere other than where was "normal". At our first appointment we walked out knowing without a doubt that our research was going to pay off. I was so impressed by the professionalism practiced there at the center. Angela was always so happy to greet us, to help us and to keep laughing at her awesome sense of humor. We were excited each time just to hear her joke around. As we neared our due date, people naturally asked if I was nervous about giving birth. I was able to honestly answer that I was more excited than anything. Then people ask about the hospital, the drugs and so on. It's amazing how many people find that way of giving birth natural and normal. I am thankful that (we) chose the option we did. Our birthing experience at the Birth Center was absolutely amazing. It was so perfect. Besides waiting for so long. I felt so safe and protected throughout the entire labor. Jen was everything and more than I could have expected from a nurse. She was so calm and patient and always willing to listen. Her words were so reassuring and her energy level never fell. Even in the late hours of labor she was upbeat and smiling and reminding me to breathe and telling me how great I was doing even when I was becoming a wreck. I truly appreciate all the encouragement she gave me. I don't know how I could have done it without her. Jeanne is a rock star! She worked on this labor with me for 24 long hours. We knew early on that our midwife was going to be amazing but BOY! Did she amaze us. She was on her game and gave us confidence to keep going. It was so awesome to watch this woman do her work and see her doing what seemed like second nature to her. Jeanne never showed an ounce of stress or doubt in what she was doing. She was so focused and it seemed as if nothing could break her rhythm. She guided us with such ease and clarity and an incredible sense of calm to our finish line. There was not one instance where I second guessed our choice or wanted to change where I was. Because of the Birth Center, I gave birth the way I had imagined for many years. I did it with the instincts I was born with and the confidence you wonder people gave me. I had an excellent support system and an amazing birth partner. Because of the Birth Center I am left with a beautiful memory of the birth of my first child clear as day. Never clouded or questionable to what occurred. I could not imagine a more perfect birthing experience, nor could I imagine not having you guys. Thank you for all the hard work, dedication, and all the wonderful things you do that we don't see. Each and every one of you make a difference and it is truly appreciated. Thank you, thank you a million times! Thank you for the safe delivery of our baby boy. You ladies are amazing! Thank you for all the time effort and dedication you give every single day. Thank you for the support you give and the confidence you have. We love you gals!!!

(This client is also available to speak to anyone wanting firsthand information. To do this, please call the Birth Center.)

Thank you so very much for the most amazing experience I could have ever imagined. After 2 uncomplicated & positive hospital births, I could not picture a better birth experience but you ladies far surpassed my expectations! From my first appointment to the 24 hour post-partum check-up to helping with breastfeeding issues, I always felt welcomed and in phenomenal hands. I only wish I could go back in time and deliver my first two with you!